Postal Mailing Fulfilment

Direct Mailing options

  • Choose brown, white or coloured C4, C5 or DL envelopes
  • Use polywrap for A5, A4 or non-standard sizes and heavier brochures to keep the postage weight to a minimum
  • Plain envelope with address printed on or window envelope with personalised letter
  • Overprint your envelopes with colour images, logo or catch line
  • Automated envelope enclosing ensures accuracy and cost savings whilst our hand fulfilment is also available for trickier jobs.

Increase response rate

  • Including a letter ensures your mailing is more likely to be read
  • “Discounts” and “Special Offers” always attract attention
  • Quality, colour and images will help you to visually stand out
  • Make your mailing bespoke by enclosing a promotional item e.g. chocolate
Polythene Wrap

We can also save you 30% on your 2nd class postage for C5 mailings below 4,000 and 60% for C5 mailings over 4,000 on Postage alone!

Example Prices

C5 mailing, folding and inserting double sided A4 colour letter/leaflet, address envelope and mail under 100g.

We have quoted for print but this can be supplied and the cost deducted.

2000 mailing 4000 mailing 8000 mailing
Print £190 £300 £395
C5 Fulfilment £194 £328 £605
C5 Postage £748 £844 £1,688
C4 Fulfilment £219 £378 £701
C4 Postage £589 £1,176 £2,339


As part of your mailing campaign or as a standalone job. From large scale 4-colour litho print catalogues to targeted short-run digital print personalised letters. Ensure you get the right print at the best prices.

Our knowledge and contacts will ensure we deliver the best product of the highest quality at the best rates. Let us do all the hard work and save you money.

If you are postal mailing, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the postage weight, size and volume restrictions. You could be costing yourself £££’s for the sake of a few mm, grams or addresses.

Just send us your pdf and we will help you to choose the most suitable print options, achieving the look and feel within budget.

We will take care of everything saving you time, wastage and money.

Distribution: Pick, Pack and Despatch

With secure warehousing facilities, we can store, control your stock and despatch direct to your customers to fulfil your orders. So why not outsource it to the professionals and save yourself time and money.

This is a bespoke service that we will design to meet your needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Call 0117 3708759 for more info.


Postage is the single largest cost saving a direct mail services provider can offer, in fact it’s the reason companies like us exist! We are here to fulfil your mailings whilst saving you time and money.

The sheer volume of our mailings ensures the best postal rates and greater service levels for you to benefit from.

We have the insider knowledge and understanding of the postage weight, size and volume restrictions. Saving you £££’s by tweaking your mailings by a few mm, grams or addresses.

We Mailsort saving nearly half the cost of a stamp! Plus we ensure you gain any additional discounts available such as advertising mail for marketing.

Data Cleansing Clean, efficient, effective

Up-to-date data reduces returned mail and waste, which is better for the environment and save you money.

We can provide name and address cleaning and de-duplication. How you communicate reflects on the professionalism of your business.

Sending multiple copies is not only a waste of money, it also gives your customers a poor perception of your company. We can help prevent this by carrying out a detailed scan of your data to remove duplicates and ensure one mailing per address.

We will monitor your returns to ensure your data is kept up to date and remove wastage.

This is just one of the ways we can help but please call 0117 3708759 to discuss.

Email Marketing

Boost the response to your mailings with follow-up email campaigns or a stand-alone email campaign.

Track who has opened and clicked your email with detailed live stats reports.

Wow your customers with professional looking HTML emails created by our in-house design team.

Work with the professionals to ensure your emails are spam checked, correctly formatted for all major email providers and proofed whilst safeguarding your own IP address.

Real-time reporting

Delivery and response data is used to create detailed campaign reports and analysis.

Visual tools include an email template click map, email reply tracking and a live activity feed. These features help to streamline response and campaign management.

In-Depth Analysis

View a Timeline of activity on your campaign and see when your email performs best. Alternatively, see how much of a boost your clicks get after an event trigger.

See how your campaign performs on different email clients or on different devices. Find out which domains your campaign is most popular with.

Helps you see which parts of your marketing campaign works best. (See Click Map image above)

HTML Email Design

You can supply your own HTML email artwork and skip the set up charge, here are a few tips for this:

  • We recommend 600px width (to fit in preview panes best).
  • Media queries will work for iOS but have less support in Gmail for mobile responsiveness.
  • Structure must be made with html <table> (<div>s don’t work in Outlook).
  • Padding can be done in the <td style=”padding: 10px;”> tags. Margin won’t show in Outlook.
  • All css must be inline in html tags <td style=”padding: 10px;”> (Gmail strips html head and stylesheets).
  • Webfonts (like Google Fonts) will work in Apple Mail and a couple of others but not in Outlook, Gmail or other big apps. We recommend a viable fallback font that is present on all systems.

We will set up your HTML email for you: £125 set up fee

  • A clear heading, grab the reader's attention and explain the email content
  • The emails main body copy, including basic product information, it's benefits, cost and how to purchase the product
  • Call to action text. e.g. Call (tel no) or 'Click Here to order'
  • Contact details including website, social media and telephone number
  • Company details, address and logos